Updates 7/12:

-Order fulfillment has gone great this week! I'm going to be back to normal 2-3 week lead times on customizable sets by Monday. A huge rush of orders combined with the new shop build has really meant a lot of extra hours worked lately, but it is all turning out really good!

-Stickers and Tee's in the merch store! Help build the new shop with your purchase, this is grade-A fundraiser stuff!

- Extra Jazzmaster winding this week is done. JM's will be $145/set starting 8/7, get them for $135 while you can. I wind them ahead of time on a schedule, but I keep being just ahead of demand or met by it more often that I want, so I'll probably be doing double batches like this week more regularly.

Great stuff:

Get a tee! Sticker packs are here too!