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Named in honor of my dear Great Grandma Iola!

This set features an often recommended combination of my “58/59” neck pickup paired with a slightly hotter version of my “Woodies” bridge pickup, the “Woody+”

”58/59” Neck - Alnico 5, .187”x.471” magnets, wound to 7k with Heavy FormVar 42awg magnet wire

“Woody+” Bridge Alnico 2, .195”x.471” magnets, wound to ~9k1 with 42awg plain enamel magnet wire.

This set has all the full range massive neck tone of a classic Jazzmaster, while dialing back the boominess that can come with the stronger coil spec of other A5 Jazzmaster pickups, in combination with the woody midrange and spooky kerrang of my Alnico 2 “Woody+” bridge.

The RWRP middle position on this set is my favorite out of all the JM pickups I wind regularly.

This set has been so popular that I have decided to make them available off-the-shelf with no lead time wait, just like my Woodies sets. The number you see in stock is the number I have on hand.

I love this set.


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