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The Woodies have a dynamic and responsive feel with sweet warm treble, woody midrange, and a bloom to the notes as they ring out. Just a little bit of bite in the bridge position. Very even output level neck to bridge.

Woody+ bridge has a little more kick by going from .187"x.471" to .195"x.471" magnets, and a little bump in the coil spec. Even stronger spooky and woody mids while remaining clear and detailed on top.

Lightly wax potted in an organic raw beeswax/paraffin blend to suppress feedback while retaining a lot of character.

Supplied with 12" vintage style 22awg Gavitt cloth covered bonded pushback wire.

Alnico 2, 42 awg plain enamel wire

Neck  ~7k3
Bridge ~8k9
Woody+ ~9k1
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