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Style's just a number not a year reference, see below.

The most chime of all my Jazzmaster sets, well balanced neck-to-bridge for output and no icepick highs. Dynamic and clear with vintage twangy treble, syrupy mids, and tight snappy bass, lots of character.

-Lightly degaussed Alnico 5 magnets

-42awg Heavy FormVar wire, black flatwork

Neck - 7k3

Bridge - 9k1

*I often get questions about the naming of this set, as they are not '58-'59 Jazzmaster clones, which would use plain enamel wire, and have a fairly different coil spec, to avoid confusion going forward here is the story:

Years ago, I had a customer that was ecstatic over a set of '58-'59 Strat clones I had wound for him, and he wanted a set of Jazzmaster pickups that were voiced in the same ballpark so he wouldn't have to make amp adjustments going between the guitars in a live setting. He wanted an overall classic Jazzmaster tone using the same degaussed Alnico 5 and 42awg Heavy FormVar wire combination on black flatwork and output levels between the two to be close. Very tongue-in-cheek I called them "5859's", as I had named his Strat pickups, which was funny to me knowing they were all wrong for '58-'59's, but it was a one-off set, so what the heck, caution to the wind. But then other people wanted some, and the name stuck. So there you have it, they are "5859's" and will be.

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