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The whole deal with the "Tomcats" set is that they have a little less magnet strength and a little more coil than vintage Jaguar pickups. This gives them a bit more fullness overall, slightly stronger mids, better balance between positions with a little more oomph in the bridge, and a sweeter top end than most A5 “vintage spec” sets around.

-Early '64 style stagger with raised D and G, flush A and B, and slightly raised E's

-42awg heavy FormVar adds some top end chime, 6k3 neck, 7k bridge, RWRP

-Parchment/Aged White covers by default, I pot these together as a complete assembly, no claw squeal during those special times when the fuzz gets heavy.

-These will drop in your stock Classic Vibe Jaguar and wake it right up.

-Specify neck pickup grounding scheme: Series/Parallel for a separate ground wire on the claw or Vintage with the black wire grounded to the claw.

-Neck magnets north up, clockwise coil direction, bridge magnets south up, counterclockwise coil direction.

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