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String Wrap

Broadcaster and Jaguar DNA, a 50's/60's cross with extra chime and twang on top of the early throaty tone,

-Mid 60’s Jag vintage beveled magnet stagger is a direct nod to the genius of the late Mr. Florance/Voodoo Te 60, but made up from .195” diameter Alnico 3 magnets rearranged out of the stock I keep on hand for ‘54 Strat repros.

-Neck wound 7k2 with 43 heavy FormVar

-Bridge is a 43awg plain enamel wound to 9k7 

-These come standard with a burnished raw nickel open top neck pickup cover, and natural hemp string wrap on the bridge with a copper plated baseplate. They can be made with a "Cave-Dweller" stagger on the bottom and a solid top cover for more the more traditional look. Custom finish options require 2 weeks or lead time, often less.

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