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These are available with a 2-week or less average lead time,

Short but not quite Jazzmaster short .531” Alnico 5 magnets combined with chimey heavy FormVar coils under burnished raw nickel silver solid top soapbar covers that fit 49.2 Gibson and 50mm modern P-90 cavities.  Well balanced neck-to-bridge, they lean towards the Jazzmaster side of the middle ground between JM and P-90. Kinda kerrangy and spooky underneath all the clarity and chime, nice reedy mids, snappy piano bass. Great option to twang up a mid-honk heavy P-90 guitar. I machine down dogear baseplates for these to better fill the bottom of the pickup to the cover. Wonderful weird pickups. Kinda have the Hershey bar pickups vibe, but bigger dimensions soapbar and all…

Neck - 7k

Bridge - 8k

RWRP, lightly wax potted, can come with Fender style cloth leads or vintage braided 2-conductor. Includes mounting screws, standard P-90 mounting style, with the nickel silver covers and baseplates shielding them they are nice and quiet at idle.

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