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“Goopies” series treble bleeds

“Goopies” series treble bleeds

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Made here in shop. Vishay/Sprague 1/2 watt carbon comp resistors and Mallory 150 series or Mojotone Dijon capacitors, double dipped in tinted epoxy goop!  270k/.0022uf combo is my go-to for Jazzmaster and Jaguar guitars and most low-output PAF applications, 270k/.001uf is great with 250k pots.

Treble-bleeds keep your guitar tone clear as you roll down the volume instead of getting progressively darker with the normal tone cap interaction between the controls. Goopies are specifically calibrated to keep the tone neutral, not to thin it out as some bleeds can do. The series arragement of the capacitor and resistor won't alter the taper of your volume pot like the parallel cap and resistor types can. Great low-buck mod for any guitar.


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