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"Fat 52’s"

"Fat 52’s"

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“Fat 52's" 

These make the most of the natural qualities of Alnico 5 and Alnico 2 magnets, utilizing A5 on EAD for full and snappy bass, perfect for palm muted single note work and big chords alike, and A2 on GBe for the warm and woody mids, sweetened treble, and beautiful bloom as the notes ring out.

-Wound fat and warm, yet still clear and dynamic, with some chime in the top end.

-Wound to ~7k5 neck, ~9k3 bridge with 42awg heavy FormVar, ideal with 1 meg pots.

-12" Gavitt cloth pushback leads

- Lightly wax potted in raw organic beeswax/paraffin blend

-Sound clip:

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