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These are available with a 2-week or less lead time. I have the standard zebra butyrate bobbins pre-wound and often the necessary parts on hand to configure them to order, but for some options a little extra time is required.

All specs share the same basic late 50’s PAF architecture, but in graduated output levels to suit your application. These are very dynamic and full of character. Priced individually to mix and match.

Keeflite ~6K7   

Low Country ~7k

Double Raw ~7k6

Low Country+ ~7k8

Double Raw+ ~8k3

-Short bar Alnico 2 magnets.

-Butyrate bobbins with 10% mismatched scatter wound 42awg plain enamel coils. 

-Late 50's PAF repro baseplates, tapped for pole screws, milled cold rolled steel keepers, 1215 steel alloy bullseye slugs and nickel plated 1018 pole screws.

-Thicker 50's spec nickel silver covers available in hand burnished raw nickel, polished nickel plated, and gold. I have thinner modern US-made nickel silver covers in chrome available too, not as thick as the vintage repros but high quality chrome covers nonetheless. 

-Unpotted without covers, very lightly potted available with.

-Vintage spec braided outer jacket single conductor cotton and Celanese pushback Gavitt leads.

-Scatter wound by hand and they sound just like PAF's should, and as they could too!

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